How to Draw Step by Step

Friday, April 22, 2005

Welcome to the How to Draw Step by Step Blog

Being the first post it is probably important to introduce myself and what this is all about.

My name is Brent and I have been probably one of the worlds worst at drawing even though I have always wanted to be able to draw what I could see and imagine.

Unfortunately I lost interest in art at an early age when I came second in an art contest.

Why would coming second make someone lose interest? You would think that second would be something that motivates you to do better wouldn't you.

It was about grade 3 in primary school so I would have been around 8 or 9. I worked really hard on painting and underwater scene. It was pretty good I thought, I had a shipwreck, shark swimming past, a couple of smaller fish in and around the port holes, crustaceans etc. All my original work, all imagination, nothing copied from anywhere.

I was beaten into second place by a paint-by-numbers creation, no artistic skill, no original idea, no personality of any kind. The painting looked good and the creator had done a good job of putting the paint where it needed to be but that isn't art and should have been disqualified from the competition.

Losing to something like that really destroyed my motivation and yes, I did know then that it was really only a copy but perhaps the judges didn't. Crap.

Guess what! It still niggles at me but I can sleep at night and, apart from the twitch and night sweats, I am totally over it. Actually, the twitch and night sweats bit is a lie, I don't have any of them ... do I?

Lets get back on track. As it stands now I have finally accepted that I can draw pretty well and decided that it would be good to help others by going through what I learned as I went from really no good to quite good. I am not an artist, nothing of mine is ever likely to make me any money but I enjoy doing it and I enjoy seeing reasonably competent drawings that I created.

Some of you will get a lot better than me because you have more natural talent. Do this for you, learn to enjoy what you do and the satisfaction of doing a good job will be reward enough.